People are in front of many type of screens all the time – including youngest children.  Around 50% of the diaper-wearing natives are already using tablets, we’re using that trend and habit to increase fun and learning as well as set some healthy limits.

We dedicate ourselves to creating high quality interactive educational games for fun and developing important childhood skills. We work with teachers on a regular basis to ensure that our apps make learning fun for kids and our games also adhere to Common Core Standards. We invite you to explore more at

Our Mission

- Provide "Healthy tech diet" to the children, Make a good use of technology for education 

- Reduce the negative resulting of too much screen exposure to the kids. 

- Introduce self-learning in early childhood education.( However No App can ever replace lap)




For parents Who have kids between age 2 and 5 Our product is an educational activities game available for download on all the popular app stores  That provides an opportunity to for kids to learn, help in developing their reading and math skills and pattern recognition while having gaming fun.  Unlike other general educational games who focus more on addiction, flashy animations and more on gaming than actual learning.


Your strengths, talents, skills, experience

Parenting and teaching experience, Kids behavior and learning pattern. Understand the importance of early childhood education and negative impacts of screen overdoes. 
We have gaming and learning experience. And now we are going to combine them together for better results